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The rise of IoT is driving increasing concern about the threat of cyber attacks at home and work. This trend has sparked a security concern across the globe with companies and consumers as smart devices like baby monitors, smart speakers, smart watches or thermostats potentially provide a gateway into users’ home or workplace networks.

  • 96% of businesses and 90% of consumers believe there should be IoT security regulations
  • 54% of consumers own an average of four IoT devices, but only 14% believe that they are knowledgeable on IoT device security
  • 65% of consumers are concerned about a hacker controlling their IoT device while 60% are concerned about data being leaked

Gemalto partnered with independent technology market research specialist Vanson Bourne to gain some insights from both businesses as well as consumers, interviewing a total of 1,050 IT and business decision makers and 10,500 consumers in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Japan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, UK and US.

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