Webcast Series

Let's Do it in the Cloud

A Software Vendor’s Guide to Profitable Cloud Service Delivery

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"Let's Do it in the Cloud” is a series of short webinars to help software vendors combat the challenges associated with delivering software applications as a service in the cloud. Co-presented by Agilis, Dell Boomi, IDC, SafeNet, ThinkStrategies, and Zuora, this series of events will provide participants with an arsenal of tips, tools, and best practices for building, deploying, and maintaining a profitable and operationally efficient cloud service offering.

Migration Made Easy: An ISV’s Guide to Moving their On-Premise Business to the Cloud

Presenter: Eileen Boerger, President, Agilis Solutions

Many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are facing the question of whether they should move their traditional on-premise products to the cloud and, if so, how can that be done. Eileen Boerger, President of Agilis Solutions, the leading provider of software development services for companies in the business of building software products, will discuss the key planning, architectural, design, and implementation considerations for moving an on-premise product to the cloud. With several successful client migrations under her belt, Eileen will leverage a case study to highlight one client’s evolutionary approach to moving an existing on-premise product to the cloud – including lessons learned that you can’t afford to miss.