Layered Security from Gemalto: Ensuring secure, convenient access to eBanking services

Gemalto’s Ezio solutions allow banks to transform their digital services by allowing customers to easily and securely access online services and carry out transactions across all digital channels. Gemalto’s Ezio solutions offer banks a layered approach which allows banks to implement protections at multiple points in their online services. By allowing banks to apply the appropriate level of security to the transaction being performed, banks can optimize security and reduce barriers for customers.

Risk-based access

Ezio Assurance Hub offers risk-based access that utilizes risk scoring, behavioral biometrics and device identification. Silent authentication and risk assessment are conducted in the background allowing customers to securely and conveniently access digital services on any device. Only if a customer doesn’t meet a defined confidence level, will they be required to provide an additional means of authentication.

How does Ezio allow to provide banks with both security and convenience? Watch this video to find out!

Mobile authentication

The Ezio Mobile Suite secures banks’ mobile financial services including mobile banking applications and mobile wallets. It offers convenient multi-channel authentication across all use cases. The Ezio Mobile Suite allows banks to protect the mobile channel by adding an extra layer of security in order to implement strong authentication and transaction signature. The Ezio Mobile Suite can also be complemented with our portfolio of compact and connected authentication devices.

Discover how layered security allows banks to succeed in their digital transformation

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Layered Security eBanking Kit

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The Gemalto Ezio Suite allows banks to secure all their digital services. From strong user authentication to transaction signing and risk management, the Ezio products and solutions secure all types of eBanking and eCommerce use cases.

Retail Banking
Corporate Banking

Retail Banking

The Gemalto Ezio solutions allow retail banks to find the right balance between user convenience and security across all digital channels and use cases.

What use cases can retail banks deploy with the Ezio solutions? Watch this video to find out!