Is Automating the Software Supply Chain Right for You?

How would you like to:

  • Reduce software order fulfillment time from days to hours?
  • Eliminate dependencies on homegrown software licensing systems?
  • Consolidate disparate licensing systems?

Select the business metrics that are important to you. Instantly, we'll give you a custom report describing what you could stand to gain by automating your software supply chain.

Software Supply Chain

Analyzing You Business Requirements Calculating Software Supply Chain Analysis Calculating Software Supply Chain Analysis Customized Software Supply Chain Analysis
Price / Quote
/ Billing
Fulfillment /
Licensing /
Post Sales
& Analytics
  • Sentinel Direct Automation Influence
  • Sentinel Indirect Automation Influence

Select the business metrics that apply:

Entitlements sold versus activated

Renewal and churn rates

Trial conversion rate

Cross sell / Upsell revenue opportunities

Automatic activations

Time to delivery

Software update consumption per product line

Automatic renewals

Ratio of new versus existing customers

Software versions in the field

License consumption rate

Product usage statistics

Support call volume

Automatic software updates

Self-service statistics

Customer satisfaction rating


Your selected business metrics:

Find out what you could gain by automating every stage of your software supply chain. Get insight on how these changes could impact operational efficiency, revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

How will automating your software supply chain impact your business? Download to find out.

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By automating the software supply chain, you will be empowered to deliver value to your customer by generating revenue streams, improving operational efficiency, increasing customer's satisfaction, and gaining valuable customer insight.

Our consultants can share how Sentinel solutions can be a valuable asset in all areas of your software supply chain by:

Generating Revenue Streams
Gaining Business Insights
Improving Operational Efficiency
Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Sentinel is the leading global brand for software licensing, delivery and protection. Our solutions help customers to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, to increase customer satisfaction and gain valuable business insights. Based on award-winning technology, Sentinel has a strong global customer base with over 10,000 customers, in 30 industries located in over 100 countries.

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