Secure IT Access with SafeNet Authentication Service Integrations

SafeNet Authentication Service allows organizations to use strong authentication anywhere a password is currently used. With support for RADIUS, SAML 2.0, APIs and dedicated agents, SafeNet Authentication Service has the flexibility and scalability to protect your entire IT ecosystem.

Secure Cloud Access

Strong authentication to cloud applications, including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and desktops-as-a-service is supported out-of-the-box , securing access to virtually any cloud-based resource, including Office 365, AWS Workspaces and Salesforce among dozens of others. Reducing management overheads and help desk costs associated with lost or forgotten passwords, users’ current enterprise identity can be extended to the cloud, enabling users to log in to all their cloud applications with a single password.

Web Portal Access Control

To secure collaboration web portals, as well as remote access to email and workstations, fully tested strong authentication can be extended to a variety of resources to ensure they can be accessed by a mobile workforce, as well as external users.

Secure VPN Access

Secure remote network access via the corporate VPN can be secured in a variety of ways, protecting access to VPNs by leading providers such as Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, F5, Citrix and Palo Alto. Configuration and deployment to thousands of users can be completed in a matter of minutes.

VDI Security

Extending strong authentication to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) facilitates secure productivity from thin clients, mobile endpoints and employee-owned devices (BYOD) with solutions from Citrix, VMware, and AWS. SafeNet Authentication Service secures access to leading VDI solutions—whether streamed from the data center or the cloud.

Local Network Access

To secure local network access to any system, running any OS, against insider misuse and numerous other threats, SafeNet Authentication Service offers a choice of strong authentication methods that operate in both offline and online (“connected”) modes. This means that users can authenticate to their device, for example, a laptop, even when they have no access to the corporate network.

SAS Integration Methods Diagram
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