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30 Years in Security: Since 1983, Gemalto’s suite of SafeNet Identity and Data Protection (IDP) solutions has been solving complex security issues. These solutions have won numerous awards and have been recognized by industry professionals and analysts alike.

Customers: Over 2 billion end users benefit from Gemalto’s solutions in 180 countries.

Global Presence: With over 14,000 employees based in 118 countries, and an annual revenue of over €3 billion Euros, Gemalto provides local services with global insights.

Innovation: In 2015 alone, Gemalto invested €214 million in R&D and applied for over 100 patents.

Trust Is Earned: Gemalto’s IDP solutions protect the most money that moves in the world--$1 trillion in daily transactions--as well as the most classified information and digital identities.