Keypad Token

The Keypad token series has a built-in keypad that allows the token to be used in both event-synchronous and challenge/response modes. The token can be configured to require input of the PIN through the keypad.

Keypad Token

Keypad Token

Gold/Platinum OTP

In addition, we offer the SafeNet Gold and Platinum OTP Authenticators, for more information click here.

The most common use of the Keypad series beyond authentication is web-based transaction signing whereby not only is the identity of the user authenticated but the actual transaction is digitally signed by the token providing both confirmation and non-repudiation. The Keypad series is also well suited to out-of-band authentication of voice transactions, cheque processing and similar requirements where on-line authentication is not viable.

RB-1 Keypad Token

RB-1 Keypad tokens are used for authentication and transaction signing. Its most common use is in financial markets and high security installations using Kerberos or RACF.

  • Applications: Authentication, signing on-line transactions
  • Operating Modes: Event, Challenge/Response
  • Usage: Banking/Finance, Research, Kerberos
  • Encryption: AES-256
  • Batteries: Replaceable
  • Lifespan: Unlimited

In addition, we offer the SafeNet Gold and Platinum OTP Authenticators, for more information click here

Token of Choice

The RB-1 token is the standard for high security, high-value authentication and transaction signing. These long lasting tokens provide a higher degree of security and offer a significant improvement in PIN management. Among the key advantages:

  • They do not expire and therefore do not need to be repurchased and redistributed every few years resulting in incredible savings in money and administration.
  • Though delivered pre-programmed and ready-to-use, the RB-1 can be reprogrammed at your site, allowing you to increase the strength of the generated passcodes or customize operation. Options include passcodes comprised of up to 8 characters using a selectable combination of digits, upper and lower case letters and punctuation.
  • The option to use 8 character alphanumeric passcodes significantly improves security and usability relative to tokens limited to 6 digit passcodes.
  • After a typical battery lifespan of 5-6 years, you have the option of replacing the token batteries or returning the tokens to us for battery replacement at a nominal fee. Tokens display a low battery warning 2-3 months before the batteries are exhausted.
  • All of our tokens use AES-256 bit encryption.

Easy to Use

Logon to SafeNet Authentication Service protected resources using the RB-1 is a familiar and simple process. A user simply enters their PIN (something they know) and the one-time passcode generated by the token (something they have) when prompted for their password. With RB-1 tokens there is never a need to install or maintain client software.

Key Features

  • Secure: The RB-1 uses AES-256 bit encryption to generate OTPs using a combination of digits, digits and letters or digits, letters and special characters.
  • Portable: The RB-1 token is small and portable and is easily carried in a pocket or purse or on a lanyard.
  • Easy to Use: Simply press the PASSWORD button and enter a PIN to generate a one-time password. Use DIGSIG to generate a transaction signature.
  • Cost Effective: RB-1 tokens never expire. Automated provisioning, self-enrollment and replaceable battery deliver a very high return of investment.

Key Benefits

  • Variable OTP length: 6-8 characters
    Digits (0-9)
    Hexadecimal: (0-9, A-F)
    Base32 (0-9, A-Z)
    Base64: (0-9, Aa-Zz, punctuation)
  • Stronger passcodes
  • Better PIN management
  • 5-6 year battery life (typical)
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Low battery indicator
  • OTP/cycle selection
  • High contrast LCD display
  • Automatic power-off
  • Modes: Event, Challenge/Response


  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • RoHS compliant
  • FCC Part 15, Subpart B certified
  • CE approved
  • Lithium batteries (2 x CR-2016)