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Product Videos

Make the Switch Over to Next Generation Authentication

Are you looking for a new way of authenticating your users? One that doesn't involve constant IT babysitting, daily helpdesk calls for password resents, and token deployment. Check out this video to find out how SafeNet Authentication Service lets you move to the cloud securely, lower IT costs and streamline administration.

SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) Infomercial

IT professionals, are you fed up with coworkers contacting you non-stop about lost tokens and password problems? Now those headaches can be things of the past! Get SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) - the amazing, new, and highly secure authentication-as-a-service solution. With SAS, management capabilities and processes are fully automated and customizeable. Now you can manage authentication tokens with ease, and allow end users to do much of the management themselves!

Two-Factor Authentication for EPCS Initiatives

The objective of the DEA's Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) regulation is to ensure that only authorized medical staff can issue prescriptions for controlled substances. To comply with EPCS, medical practitioners need to re-authenticate to their EHR system using two-factor authentication.

Authentication Made Easy: User/Token Management Automation

SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) changes the way you manage authentication by automating virtually every aspect of user and token management, allowing companies to reduce authentication management costs by up to 60 percent and free up IT administrators. SafeNet Authentication Service automation capabilities enable IT administrators to manage by exception versus managing every instance, freeing up valuable time.

Push Authentication from your mobile with MobilePASS+

SafeNet MobilePASS+ is a simple strong authentication method that lets users authenticate with a single tap of a finger on their mobile device. When accessing a protected resource, a push notification is sent to the user’s mobile device. The user opens MobilePASS+, taps to approve the login request, and is then logged in to the resource.

Tutorial Videos

SAS QuickStart: On-boarding

Onboarding is the process of creating accounts. The process includes the following actions: Adding Accounts, Activating Services, Allocating Inventory and Capacity, Creating Operators, Activating Authentication Nodes, and Adding account contacts.

SAS QuickStart: SAS Snapshot View

The SAS snapshot view provides summary information about the Virtual Server and it allows administrators to easily monitor the overall status and health of users accounts.

SAS QuickStart: Managing Users

There are 3 main methods of populating users in SAS. First is Automatically synchronizing users using Sync Agent from a LDAP or SQL repository. Second is using the internal SAS database and manual creation of users. Third is a bulk import process into the internal SAS database. This video will focus on two methods, namely, manual user creation and bulk user import

SAS QuickStart: Self Service Portal End User Experience

Safenet Authentication Service provides a fully customizable self service portal for end users. In this video, end users will learn how to perform simple authentication management functions such as requesting a token and resetting their token PIN.

SAS QuickStart: Operator Roles

SafeNet Authentication Service provides highly granular customization capabilities to the roles and scope of account operators. In this video learn how to create new Operator Roles and edit existing ones.

SAS QuickStart: Reports

Safenet Authentication Service provides an extensive range of security policy, compliance, inventory management and billing reports, that you can customize and schedule according to your organization's needs. In this video learn how to create , customize and schedule reports.

SAS QuickStart: Token Activation

In this video you will learn how to activate your SafeNet MobilePASS token on your mobile phone. The enrollment process includes these simple steps: Enrolling your token, Installing MobilePASS, and Activating your token.

SAS QuickStart: User Token Management

SAS offers Auto-Provisioning of tokens, where tokens are automatically issued to users based on policies such as Group Membership. This method is most often used with LDAP synchronization or LDAP Integration. You can also use the Tokens module on the Virtual Server Assignment Tab to manage the tokens of individual users. This tab is useful for specific user events such as an employee leaving the company or issuing a token to a user who is not covered by a group policy.

SAS QuickStart: The Tokens Tab

In this video see how the tokens tab under the virtual server provides quick and easy access to various token related management capabilities such as moving tokens between containers, or bulk Assign Third Party Tokens

SAS QuickStart: Managing and Configuring the Self-Service

The self-service portal empowers users to perform simple authentication management functions such as resetting PINs, reporting lost tokens, or viewing their profile. Learn how to configure, customize and manage your Self-service portal.

SAS QuickStart: Using Your Phone as an Authentication Token with MobilePass

In this tutorial, we cover how to generate to use the SafeNet MobilePass application on your mobile device or computer to generate a one-time password and access applications securely.

SAS QuickStart: Pattern-Based Authentication Using the GrIDsure Token

In this video you'll learn how to leverage the SafeNet GrIDsure authentication token to generate a one-time password to login securely to applications. GrIDsure displays a grid of cells containing random characters from which a personal identification pattern or PIP is selected.

SAS QuickStart: Assignment Tab

In this video learn how to use the assignment tab in order to manage users, their authentication methods, authentication metrics, access restrictions, group memberships as well as individual RADIUS and SAML attributes.

SAS QuickStart: The Dashboard View

In this video see how the dashboard provides a complete operational view of the authentication solution.

Testimonial Videos

Vodafone and SafeNet Secure Cloud Access

  • Emerging authentication models organizations are adopting.
  • New approaches to user authentication, as a result of demanding cloud and virtualized environments that are transforming traditional security paradigms.
  • Intelligent authentication strategies that can drive value and cost savings.
  • Methods to ensure these implementations will scale as business needs evolve and new environments emerge.

Build up your business with SafeNet Authentication Service

The adoption of security services is growing along with the adoption of SaaS applications. In this video you can find out how you can leverage this market expansion and grow your business with SafeNet Authentication Service.

2e2 Guernsey: Service Provider Case Study

David Salisbury, Managed Security Services at 2e2, a leading Service Provider, discusses how the SafeNet solution for 2-factor authentication was a strong offering for their customers, citing that the cloud-based solution is flexible, easy to manage, has a wide range of form factors, and is secure.

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