Cloud and Web Application Authentication

When data and applications move to the cloud, user access—by default—takes place remotely. SafeNet Authentication Service extends strong authentication to cloud-based applications, providing administrators a single point of management for ALL enterprise applications, be they SaaS, virtual, remote or on-premises.

SafeNet Authentication Service lets administrators define access control policies once, and enforce them throughout their IT ecosystem.

Cloud Access Control

Strong authentication to cloud applications, or cloud authentication, can be implemented using a variety of integration methods, including the industry-wide standard SAML 2.0 and RADIUS protocols, as well as dedicated agents (e.g. SafeNet AD FS Agent) and SafeNet Authentication Service’s broad APIs.

With SafeNet Authentication Service’s native identity federation capabilities, users can access all their enterprise resources with a single credential set, which is further protected by strong authentication. And from an administration perspective, cloud authentication is easy to deploy and maintain, as IT need only provision, update and revoke a single identity per user for all corporate applications.

Web Access Control

SafeNet Authentication Service lets you extend strong authentication to a variety of web portals, enabling secure collaboration and mobility to both internal and external users.

Web application authentication lets you secure collaboration within the enterprise, as well as securely share information and resources with external parties, such as partners and contractors. SafeNet Authentication Service enables you to extend strong authentication to any web portal or web application from a single backend.

Portals such as SharePoint, Outlook Web Access, RD Web Access (formerly TS Web Access) and any IIS-based website can all be secured with strong web-application authentication. Integration can be performed through a variety of methods, including dedicated agents and broad APIs.