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Today, both medium-sized companies and larger enterprises are looking for their managed service providers to deliver a broader range of security services that can help them protect their sensitive data from the growing threat landscape. From data breaches and the increased use of cloud services to the wider adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise, protecting data and providing simple, secure secure access to the cloud apps employees use every day has become more difficult.

Your customers recognize that traditional perimeter security measures – such firewall and threat detection services – alone can no longer secure their most sensitive data. That is why more companies are looking to data encryption and access management solutions to bring security closer to the data and the users accessing the data.

As a managed service provider, your organization can drive more revenue by offering new security-as-a-service offerings such as data encryption and identity and access management. By offering these solutions, you can also differentiate your company from other managed service providers with security-a-service offerings that help answer today's security challenges and meet the growing number of regulatory and compliance mandates.

Thales's solutions work in all environments from data centers all the way to multi-cloud environments, enabling your customers to secure applications, workloads, and data in whatever environments their businesses require today and in the future – all while building margins and winning deals for your organization.

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